Millennial voters reveal why they’re abandoning the Democratic Party



It is really great to hear that Millennials are finally opening up and realizing that the democrats are not what they claim to be! We all want a Country that is based on good family values, a growing good economy, safe cities, stands up to our enemies, and religious freedom!!!❤️

I’m impressed with these thoughtful, informed and articulate young people. If the Republicans do the right thing once elected to office and follow through on conservative policies , these young people will ensure a bright for the Republican Party. Get rid of establishment, warmongering grifters in both parties.


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  2. The dummycrats havealways gone after the youngest voters because they have the least amount of life experience, in other words, the dummycrats look at young voters as dumb. They also look at the older dummycrat voters as suckers. The younger voters think that voting dummycrat means they are for social issues and trying to correct the wrongs of our society. The older voters think dummycrats represent the “working man” and believe in the FDR dummycrat values. The fact is, the older voters fail to admit Woodrow Wilson and FDR were both Marxist and both were bigots. The younger voters fail to see the racist history of the dummycrat party and the fact that the people running the party are filthy rich through corruption on the backs of the middle class taxes. Dummycrats always talk about taxing the rich but they always write loopholes into the tax coded that allows the rich to have tax shelters were as most of the middle class won’t qualify for. So, it’s always the middle class, and to a lesser extent the working class poor, who get stuck with the highest tax burden on their income. Biden, Pelosi, the Clintons, Obama, Schumer, Maxipad Watters, and the Kennedys are NOT really going to have their taxes increased! So it’s refreshing to see these young voters open their eyes and see just how corrupt the Marxist dummycrats really are. Even most of the baby boomers are voting republican. That was the first generation to fall for the Marxism of the dummycrats only to open their eyes within 10 years after the end of the Viet Nam War. Dummycrats, read my middle finger!

  3. The liberal,progressive,socialist,marxist,dumbocraps are the true enemy of america. Why black=americans hold on to the racist dumbocraps,is amazing,they keep u on the plantation,never improve their lives,yet still hang on to be used and abused,and controlled.Wake america, they have destroyed our country,help bring it back,vote republican. A good share of dumbocraps/repukes are working with china,to help them,not america.think of that?


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