Newt Gingrich: Democrats Are ‘Desperate’ For This



I have always liked Trump and I voted for him. But now I am desperate for him to be President again. Bragg just upped his popularity.

Trump does not do his own taxes. He has accounting firms do that for him. The firm that made that error is responsible, not him. Nobody ever mentions this


  1. The democrats are fools for trying to take Trump down with this attempt to commit a crime, after the biggest lie of Russia helping Trump win. Just how did Russia help Trump win is my question. And no one can give a real answer. Like most of the democrats BS they just say ” they did ” how did Russia get me to vote for Trump ??? They didn’t … Hillary did … it was Trump or her. We all know how corrupt she is , so it was Trump rather then her. Even she said how Trump would make a great president, that was right up till he beat her. Now he’s a deplorable, vile man. Even tho he is brutally honest about her and the lies she told about documents she had. She still walks free, while BS trails are made up to take Trump down. 4 times now and the democrats keep failing. Now all this queer BS is the thing the democrats care using. Funny tho they don’t let you live in their neighborhoods. They keep you away from their kids. Guess as long as they let you molest kids else where it’s ok with yall. The democrats are using you now like they did blm and antfia. You see how they fair now. The democrats don’t need them anymore, and you will be next on the go to hell list after they no longer need you too. Wake up people, yall being played for the fools yall are acting like.


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