I will vote for Trump and not because he isn’t Biden but because Trump is a super president!

Trump has already done more to answer press questions than Brandon in his entire presidency.


  1. It seems that all anyone in this country wants to do it make more money for the rich and let the rest of us get and stay poor and if you really believe that trump should be President again you have a serious problem, it’s not bad enough that he caused an insurrection at our capital and has lied and cheated everyone. Don’t get me wrong there is something wrong with our government and it really needs to be fixed but all any of our government officials ever do is keep everyday people the people that unfortunately pay for everything down and don’t anyone say anything for fear of being incarcerated for speaking their minds. And you really want trump to be president again, I really feel sorry for you.

    • Insurrection? You must be related to Nancy. Intelligence New over a week prior that not everyone drink’s the coolaide and the election was stolen. I doubt you hear of the CIA letter that Tony Blinken had Mike Morrell put out and get 50 active/retired Intel anylists to sign stating Hunter’s laptop was Russian collusion. This by the way is treason and sedition. Every single one of them from Blinken on down should be in a courtroom, but not in the “District of Corruption”. President Trump approved prior to that day and told Pelosi to have the National Guard there. She and many others set this thing up and it was the perfect trap against “We The People”. And we should have 5 National Guard Divisions on our border at this very moment for this mess that “The Kenyan” and his puppet are responsible for on our border. It now Hunter’s laptop is getting many quislings into trouble! Take all their clearances, those individuals that are still employed as GS’s and those retired using their former titles need to be tried!

  2. I totally concur with your statements. Soros & Son, Obama, Gates, Chris Wray, Merrick Garland, Pelosi, Schiff, and many in the FBI Management should all be tried for Treason, Corruption, and Extorsion! Everyone of them should have their inability to perform in the Legal environment by disbarring all of them, and trying all of them for the corruption and treason they committed!

  3. It’s very clear, Robert Bowen, that you do nothing but watch & listen to the propaganda of the MSM! I feel sorry for you, sir! You are pathetically stupid!

  4. I feel sorry for you because you are eaten up with TDS. I really feel sorry for you because regardless of who becomes president and that includes Donald Trump is not going to fix the problems of this country. This includes both democrats and Republicans. No one is coming to rescue us. It is much to late for that. For the love of everything that is holy, no one including Trump could be any worse than that inept old crypt keeper who is pretending to be POTUS. Obiden has created the worst national crisis in a generation. I doubt the old man will make it to the next election and lord help us with what is waiting in the wings if he does not.


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