Female Volleyball Player Injured By Trans Opponent Speaks Out!



Allowing biological males to compete on biological female teams / sports will go down as one of the most foolish societal things we allowed to happen in this generation.

Thank you, ABL! This trans athlete situation defies logic.


  1. Gender is determined by genetics. ( X & Y chromosomes. This should be known by everyone. Gender is NOT determined by wishful thinking. That is “mental illness”.
    Have recently seen that some ( hopefully few) surgeons are operating to reverse a persons true gender. Do these “surgeons” actually have a real medical degree? I doubt it. I hope that they are not so ignorant as to not know about genetics.
    Does your Doctor believe gender is elective? And can be treated surgically or medically? Time to get a new Doctor who actually went to medical school AND who didn’t sleep through classes.
    Do you believe in the trans movement ? Then you must be a Democrat. Anyone stupid enough to believe in the trans movement must be a Democrat.

  2. This will not change until, I am sorry to say, some Democrats daughter is attacked, raped or hurt badly involving one of these trans persons. This is also not fair for a young girl who excells in a sport, early practices, family gives up time to take her to paractice, games or something.else. She looks forward to a college scholarship and then all of a sudden one day she gets dropped off all aspects of college by beaing beaten by one of these trans people. She is devastated, her dreams have been shattered. She will suffer for many yrs. after to this disappoiitment. Not fair, nor fail at all. Like I said if it has to happen to a Democrats daughter for them to see the light, then so be it.


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