Joe Biden To Slap Mortgage Fees On Good Credit Homeowners So Bad Credit Minorities Can Buy Homes



This administration does the exact opposite of the right thing to do every time. Not hiding their plan at all.

This discrimination is ILLEGAL.
Someone hurry up and sue the pants off the White House!


  1. Everyone new joe was trash long ago. The dems showed their bias and ignorance by supporting him. It’s too late to whine about it now. The only solution is to remove him from office. Too bad the republicans don’t have the guts to do it.

  2. Let me add this for all you who remember Jimmy Carter era sound and looks like that again. For the ones who done look it up.

    • Yes, but the Democrats back then were a lot smarter! They voted this imbecile out but today, the media, and Obama and Soros are lying about everything, hiding the fact that Biden is senile, insane, dumb and stupid. And many mental midget think that Biden is doing a great job, and we need to give him a chance, again! Not realizing what is really happening in this country. Nothing more dangerous than pure ignorance, and these mental midgets have a lot of ignorance.

  3. Marie you are clearly right there are a lot of mental midgets in this country but I am pleased to say Marie that you are not I repeat not one of Them. Its to bad that when a significant amount of people go to vote they have no clue what the issues are and what the candidates policy’s Are. Marie I wish we had more people like you in this country because if we did we would not be in the total mess that this country is in under this incompetent fool who thinks he knows what he is Doing.

  4. The Big Guy can said what ever his fossilized mind want’s it to say doing it not so easy we still have a legislated Body


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