It’S Official, Boycott Bud Light



I was just saying to my husband- that’s an easy boycott. We’ve already been boycotting on account of horrible beer.

Dylan Mulvaney is like a never ending April fools joke


  1. If they weren’t so nasty when they don’t get their way, I’d feel sorry for the tranny’s. They are mentally ill and every one of them is crying for help, but instead of help Democrats and the corporations use them to make money and gain political power, just the way they did blacks and then women.

  2. For me, it did not take this to not drink this beer. Was at party and only BL was avaiable cause no one wanted to drink it sotried one and found out, I cannot get drunk enough to drink this nasty stuff. Guess a lot of others thought the same cause it remained there all night long. We did end up sending one of our non-drinkers to go get more “good” beer.

    This also reminds me of my first military tour to Japan when a bunch of us went into town, got drunk and ended with various type of tattoos. Next morning my buddies asked me how come I did not have a tattoo and my reply, I was never drunk enough to get one. Never did in any of my 4 overseas tours.

  3. OKey, dokey, but before you zero in on Bud, get on line and break it down… … take a look at who owns them and all the others. They are one of three companies who dominate the global production of beer, and they are in competition with each other…_-Anheuser -Bush ! – owns Coors, Becks, Stella Artois, AND Budweiser, AND .. MOLSON/COORS who makes Michelob, and MILLERs , ya’ll …………….and worse yet, they produce in CHINA, MEXICO, Argentina, Brazil and S. Korea, and other third world shtholes.. So STOP, and stop now with ALL of these brands. They are really just one company promoting “tucked” perverted He/shes to sell their swill. So, if you boycott…. boycott Anheuser-Bush,”The big guy” who runs the show and is the largest in the world. Maybe local breweries would be a better choice to promote SMALL business and jobs and give the finger to the MEGA monopolies… AB is the largest beer producer in the world,,, thanks to stupid customers. Heineken and Carlsberg are not in this mix. They are foreign and the third largest in the world.

  4. Make one beer brand suffer first and once that one goes down concentrate on another. Bet it won’t be long before all their sales go down.


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