Bud Light Trans Backlash Just Went Nuclear! New Boycott Stock Tanks & Matt Walsh & Charlie Kirk Join



A PSA to all companies: Remember who the majority of your customers are. They generally aren’t trans or LGBT people.

It’s not just about beer, it’s about women’s rights and respect.

If you have a mother, wife, sister, daughter, etc. you will never support a company that mocks them by hiring a man who caricatures women.


  1. What doesn’t big corporation get about this?!!! The mass population does not want to go along with this trans agenda that makes up a tiny tiny percentage of the population!!!

  2. They fear retribution from brainwashed, liberal, socialist attack dogs who will burn their buildings and terrorize their children…and from a corrupt, hate-filled liberal press. They don’t “go along”. They have witnessed the racist, terrorist riots and are trying to protect their employees a property. BUT….some of these executives are just political slaves who do, think and say what they are told by the Democratic slave owners. Hit them where it hurts…in their bank account.

  3. When women are erased by companies and society, there is bound to be a serious backlash. Athletes who are women should only compete against other women. Why are companies so blind to the fact that women are not happy with the idiotic approach that trans behavior is normal. These ppl are mentally unbalanced .. ill.. They are confused about their gender and when companies cater to this illness, it is not healthy for anyone. go woke, go broke

    • What I don’t understand is that the screw balls these corporations are getting chummy with are people who don’t have very much money. These idiots steal most of what they want. That’s why most of them live in blue states where theft is legalized, California and New York. The few that actually have any money to spare for beer are not enough to carry the load to replace the normal customers these corporations have lost.

  4. Ok enough about this now, It’s getting old. I can understand them wanting to get new buyers but to use a guy dressed as a girl went to far. Let them fix it if they want too. Use a real gay male or female tho. Guys dressed as girls aren’t really what they try to say they are.


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