Bud Light, Nike, And Jack Daniels Bow Before The Lgbt Altar



I like this boycott idea. Guerilla tactics. Pick them off one at a time. Make the others feel like they need to look over their shoulder constantly. Never know when they might be next.

After watching that Jack Daniels segment, there is no way anyone can tell me those men do not have a mental disorder.


  1. I gave up Busch products when the sold out Germany. I would buy Nikes because they are too expensive and even if I could rationalize the money, they are made with child labor and I think Jack Daniels tastes like horse p**s. So, if these companies want to commit financial suicide that’s fine with me.

    • I agree. I don’t drink so the beer and whiskey have no affect on me. But when I did drink I preferred Miller Beer and Black Velvet. As for Nike, they are way too expensive. I can find cheaper shoes that will work just as good. The sooner these idiot CEOs cause their companies to go bankrupt, the better.

  2. I stopped buying Jack Daniels years ago, because I found a spiced rum called Kraken. It’s SMOOTH…and delicious! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great quality rum.

  3. Jack Daniels is made in TN which is a Rep. state (bible state) and it surprises me they would indorse such garbage (IT’S that don’t know what they are). Well, my husband and I like Jack Daniels but will not buy it again. I don’t understand, there are more straight people than FAGS or IT’S and yet their catering to them. BOYCOTT THEM ALL.

  4. Well I Drank Bud Most Of My Life But Sorry No More Time To Boycott Let Them Sink Like Disney Did SO IF YOU GO WOKE HOPE YOU GO BROKE!!!!

  5. Because the LGBTQ is pushing for every company and Advertiser to support their cause including the Democratic Party who is nothing more than coommunist, I personally including my entire family will never purchase any of these products from these companies. A law needs to be enforce that no group shall use political force for all of Americans to adhere to their way of thought or political correctness.


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