Black Civil Rights Activist Drops Bombs On Reparations!



As a young black male, I can honestly say it’s just a load of BS and a waste of time to even talk about. The concept of it just silly at best, because if it were to actually happen, SOMEONE has to pay for it and that’ll most likely be taxpayer money, of which I really have no interest of paying in. I’m sure I can speak the same for most others as well. I’m also on the side of, let’s just move on and quit dwelling in the past. Our history was horrible, but what we need to take from it is a lesson to not let those things happen again and try to build for a better future with that knowledge. The slave trade and slave labor is despicable, but how on earth do you monetize paying someone back for what happened so many years ago?

Big respect. The people who demand reparations are just sorry and using someone else’s misfortune to attempt to cash-in.


  1. Who pays reparations to those working as SLAVE LABOR to the cartels for bringing them across the border, EVERY DAY?
    Will the Biden Administration, take up their cause, too?

  2. Even If they did pay the money, it’s all about getting black votes back for the democrats. But what will that get you ??? About a years living befor you blew all that money. Iam pretty sure you will have to sign saying you will stay in California and vote democrat. The way the democrats are running California that money won’t last long and you will be stuck there in California trying to make ends meet … again. Good luck on that. And that’s if they do give any money. If you have to wait till after the elections in 2024, there’s a good change you won’t get anything. They won’t need you if they win. Just like the way they used students loans for votes in 2020 elections. You see how thatcworked out.

  3. What about White slaves? Do the research. Every country had slaves at one time or the other of all races. Hollywood loves to depict black slaves as having been mistreated. If you do the research it turns out this is a lie. Many slave owners freed slaves and hired them on as workers if they agreed. The pro repatriation crowd doesn’t want to mention blacks sold slaves or the fact that the civil war was fought and a lot of whites died to free the slaves. Lincoln a white man freed the slaves. I am part white, black and Indian.

  4. Mr. Logan , I have to give you a lot of credit for presenting this story about repatriations. It could not be any further from the truth. Henry Louis Gates discussed this subject a while back on his tv show (Finding Your Roots) when he had Michael Strahan on it. He stated that about 155 million American people had absolutely nothing to do with slavery. He also stated that the first slave owners in this country were of the Black race. In the bible verse John 13:34, Jesus said, I give you a new commandment: Love One Another. Just as I have loved you, you must also love one another. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!


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