High School Girls Confront Trans Girl About Bad Bathroom Manners



If a “transwoman” were a real woman, you wouldn’t have to add TRANS to the word, woman.

A few years back my teenage daughter went to the bathroom in a mall. I was standing a few feet away, allowing her space when a full grown man followed her inside. I followed HIM inside, and he was waiting outside her stall, although there were several others available. When I questioned him, he told me that he identified as a woman, and could be in that bathroom if he wanted to. I may be disabled, but I held up my cane and told him that I identify as the tooth fairy, and that I was about to knock all his teeth out for him.. He took off like the cowardly, lowlife that he was. Now, how in the hell was I labeled the bad guy in this story? I just hobbled out on my cane, stooped over, and pointed at the creep, who was standing behind security. I proceeded to scream “Rapist!” at the top of my lungs, drawing attention from everyone within hearing distance. Oddly enough, it turned out the pervert had a rap sheet as long as my arm. Watch your children. Listen to your children. And DEFEND your children.


  1. One of the reasons this crap is happening is because the dummycrat party supports this stupid nonsense it’s silent official platform is that everyone is a sexual being. Just look at the leaders of that party. Ted Kennedy was a murderous adulterer and JFK cheated on his wife. Bill Clinton is an adulterer and a rapist. Hillary is a fag. Harris used her experience as a porno star to get where she’s at. Harris has NEVER been elected to anything. Senile stupid shit full pants Joe is an adulterer and a child molester. The Pelosi’s are really fags in real life. Varney Frank ran a fag whore house out of his Washington DC residence when he was a congressman. And the current secretary of commerce is an incompetent fag. These are just a few examples of how that party has degenerated. Until this party is exterminated this crap will continue. There is no changing the dummycrat party.


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