The REAL Reason Joe Rogan Is Being Targeted


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Ben Shapiro – Efforts to deplatform the highly popular podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” have amped up over the last month, with some calling for the complete silencing of Joe Rogan.

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Anyone that hates Joe Rogan is an idiot. Joe Rogan is the most neutral guy on the internet. He interviews anyone that will come on his show and lets them talk about anything. He also admits when he is wrong. And he doesn’t pretend to be an expert about whatever the subject is. Lastly he never targets people with cheap shots or belittles them. I would rather listen to any Joe Rogan podcast than anything MSM.

Joe Rogan isn’t controlled by the media & that absolutely terrifies them

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  1. Joe Rogan is one of the most feared podcast hosts out there. He provides a platform for free speech and for opinions to be voiced. The progressives want nothing to do with open conversations. Leave Joe Rogan alone. He’s doing nothing wrong and everything right.


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