Meet the Woman Trying to Destroy the American Voting System



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BlazeTV – When Stacey Abrams ran for Governor of Georgia and lost, the Democrats cried foul and said that the election was stolen from her. Ever since, she’s worked tirelessly to undermine voter integrity in the state of Georgia and across the nation. The mainstays of voter confidence – voter ID, verifiable addresses, notarized signatures and in-person voting – have all been cast aside under the guise of the pandemic and civil rights. Now, as Mark reveals, Abrams and the Democrats want to impose a centralized voting system on the nation. And it isn’t for fairness. It’s for power as they seek to destroy the electoral system and the practices that have worked in the past.

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Hypocrisy has many faces. Hers is one of them!

Is she related to Hillary? Sounds like, same excuses, it wasn’t my fault, it was stolen!

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  1. Don’t visit our nations Capitol, Democrats in fear, armed soldiers, poison food, graffiti on streets, Biden could be on the loose, Republicans jailed! Stay away Danger Will Robinson, Danger, “Taxes everywhere”


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