You’re Not Going To F*cking Believe This



During a vaccination season: Patient: Does it guarantee immunity? Doctor: Only for the manufacturers.

We don’t want the governments apologies, we want them to stay out of our lives and not infringe on our free speech or other constitutional rights. Good job Russell. My new fav podcast, entertaining and accurate.


  1. When they keep lying about covid, and the vaccines, how is anyone supposed to believe anything. This hidenbiden administration has been lying all along, about everything, no one can believe a word they say.They change their mind,so often,and feed us bs and propaganda.

  2. After witnessing the DISASTROUS outcomes of the current administration’s other “efforts”, I’m not inclined to believe, or put any trust into anything they claim or report!! The current administration is either “Incompetence magnified”, or it’s part of a sinister plot, beyond anything that we could EVER Imagine!

  3. I do not trust any demonic Democrat or Yellow Back Republicans! I believe we 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots Ultra MAGAN’S red, yellow, black, white, the greatest armed American Militia this country ever had needs to quit talking and go to action NOW while there is something left to save!! We should march to Washington if things do not change in NOVEMBER and prove like we have before it was STOLEN and clean house , taking them all to the train station to NEVER MAKE ANOTHER DECISION FOR AMERICA! START WITH BIDEN AND ALL HIS CROONIES, MITCH MCCONNELL, PELOSI,MANCHIN WHO I HAVE KNOWN FOR 52 YEARS AND HIS FAMILY HAS ALWAYS STOLEN FROM WVA ask him where $83,000,000 went when his uncle A.J. was Secretary of STATE and Treasurer!! AMERICA IS FALLING SO FAST THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT IF WE WAIT TILL 2024!!! BIDEN SAID WE NEED MORE THAN GUNS , WE NEED F-15!!! WE GOT THEM LITTLE MAN!!WE GOT EVERYTHING THAT YOU LEFT IN AFGANISTAN!!! HOPE WE DO NOT NEED ANY OF THEM THAT WE TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS THIS NOVEMBER BUT IF NOT THE MARCH IS ON ! GO GOD, GO TRUMP! GO AMERICA!

  4. It is a bit refreshing that these Stalinist true believers are very afraid of (US)Go ahead and keep that thought or nightmare in your limited brain box we are not going anywhere we will be waiting for as long as it takes to imprison all of you seditious traitors you think the Russians are having a a few setbacks you will find out how many of us are still in control of our facilities we surround all of you.DUDA

  5. The biggest dirty joke about this “vaccine” is that it’s not a vaccine at all. A true vaccine protects a person from ever getting the disease. Has anyone who had the small pox or polio vaccine ever caught those diseases after vaccinated? NO!!!! Can’t say that about the covid vaccine. Some vaccinated people caught covid twice.

  6. The DemocRats are going to steal the election again and again, until it is stopped, they hold the up hand, power of white house, so how do you stop the DemocRats from cheating in the future,, and no, there never was a covid,, people was getting the cold and flu,, many had no insurance and did not go to the doctor till to late, and many just had lots of other sickness that their bodies could not handle the covid(cold & flu) this was a government trick, plotted by the DemocRats,, look out , here comes the monkey pop. the real monkey is Biden and Pelosi ,

    Remember , God Loves You,


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