You Won’t Believe What the UK Told Ukraine to Do…


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The Jimmy Dore Show – U.K. Orders Zelensky To Stop Peace Negotiations with Russia

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Jimmy, many of us Brits DO NOT support BoJo’s antics on this issue, or those of most of his peers in the UK political class!

UK has given Elenskky a UK passport, but doesn’t want him to come to the UK when Russia wins this war. Oh apologies when he flees leaving all the dead soldiers who he made fight so he could keep his 130million.

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  1. What can anyone say about elected or appointed persons to public office that dishonor their oath of office and lie to Congress? What can anyone say about elected or appointed persons who betray their office by being corrupt,taking money from communist China or others have their office position conflicted or compromised by selling out their Country for personal gain? Any one who profits or gains from his betrayal of public office should have to pay back all personal gain and profits or assets from this treasonous act against their Country. Impeachment should just be the beggining to a process of restitution. These traitors should see jail for their crimes of personal gain against the united States of America.

    • Agree! God I hate this administration! they are the worst of the worst corrupt people. Not one has a conscience! None have a working brain, and they are the most stupid of any administration we have seen. Jimmy Carter was a close runners up, but it seems tha this administration was a little smarter than he was !

    • That is so true! The rigged election form hell, will go down in history! Joe Biden you are the biggest Fucked Up in the last century and probaly the worst one of the next century! Impeach this moron, and take our chances with Heels-Up Harris !


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