You Will Not Believe What Obama’s Advisor Ties Inflation To… Watch!


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The Jimmy Dore Show
– Former Clinton Treasury Secretary and Obama Economic Advisor Larry Summers has gotten almost every major economic story of the past few decades wrong, yet for some reason the media continue to pay attention to what he has to say.

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The complete lack of accountability and responsibility speaks for itself.

First it was “Putins price hike” now this. Incredible.

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  1. I believe your articles are full of lies and childish insults…..worry about our democracy and not concentrate on degrading people as the last president still does….he and you are only degrading yourselves. Do something constructive. Democrats are not perfect, but they certainly believe in keeping our democracy and not turn to an autocratic government who supports anger, violence and Putin. I
    find your information disgusting as I find the majority of the Republican party that don’t have enough backbone to stand up for what they know is right. I was a republican my entire life, but will no longer support them in anyway except the honest ones who care about keeping our country free and not turning our country over to thugs like Donald Trump and his band of thieves.

    • I doubt if you were ever a repubican. You were probably always a demoncrap who called themselves a repubican. I agree with you that the repubicans do not have a Backbone. Most of the repubicans are not Real repubicans. Most them are GOP RINOs and the GOP is horrible. Conservatives are the Real repubicans. I was a democrap when I first registered to vote and I did not like what they did so I registered as a repubican and i did not like what they did. I then registered as a libertarian but could not vote in the repubican primary so I registered as a repubican again but I am not a repubican. I am a conservative and the Real conservatives I have met that are running for office have a backbone and will not avoid questions when asked and they always have an answer.

    • UR a Commie like the rest of the PARASITES in JOEY XBiden FAKE Administration. Ur just like Ur Parasite Brothers and Sisters of the DemoRats Socialist/Communist Party.


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