You Will Not Believe the Transgender Swimming Champ’s Comments on First Interview…


Image from video below…

Newsmax TV
– Trans swimming champion Lia Thomas gave her first TV interview, reported John Huddy. via John Bachman Now.

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The fact that even the hosts are calling him she is a huge problem. We are conditioning people to fundamentally deny reality and calling it virtue.

It’s a disgrace…stop competing against HIM. Boycott HIM..let him swim alone.

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  1. Said it before: There used to be she, he, it but to bring it up to date am combining all three to be inclusive and now it is “sheit” (does combine she, he, it) which fits the new generation that will lead our country – again just plain “sheit”.

  2. Now that the military has “gay pride” ammo…

    …I think a brave transgender athlete like Lia would give up her career and join the military to defend LGBTV2+2=5 rights around the World

  3. He still has his junk , how can he be a female with his junk still hanging there ??? You know after collage is over he will say he’s a male again . This is all about paying for college while the REAL females suffer from this stupid crap . Remember this come election day cause the delusional democrats caused this retarded crap for votes . It’s your daughters that are losing out on the sports cause a male can now play in girls sport , cause they can’t win against other males .


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