You Will NOT Believe Nancy Pelosi’s Comments on Mother’s Day… WATCH!!!


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Ben Shapiro
– The left spent Mother’s Day advocating for the killing of the children that makes them mothers (and fathers).

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From “men can get pregnant” to “it’s a woman’s issue” to “my body my choice” to no unvaccinated allowed in restaurants, bars, gyms, and extreme cases access to medical procedures. From “it’s a woman’s right to choose” to “I can’t define a woman, I’m not a biologist.” You have to just admire the way they connect the dots.

Can’t believe these people are the leaders of America, it’s laughable but at the same time I real feel for you guys

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  1. She has been a DEMON WITCH, since before her 1st day in elected office, and the reason she has stayed , is because of all of the demons out there , try to get their take of the greed. They only have one thing and that is FAILURE, and it will happen.

  2. i cant believe how anybody can be part of the democrat party. these people are full of hate, control, anger, violence and they have no morals. if they claim in anyway that they are christians they lie. they think it makes them look ok. the good people have had enough. God help our country.


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