Why Did Hunter Biden Send Joe Biden Some Adult Material?


Image from video below…

Timcast IRL
– New Leak Shows Hunter Biden Shared ADULT CONTENT With JOE BIDEN

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This family is so disgusting. Can’t imagine how many children and women these nasty men have abused

Honestly between Joe and his daughter and granddaughter and Hunter and his sister in law and niece it really seems like they have some understanding of generational incest being okay in their family. Them creeping on each other is like the worst kept secret.

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  1. When will the public awaken and realize the democrats are totally fxxxing over our system of law? Hunter and family corruption, Pelosi and family corruption, these people are not royalty, just over paid crooks, inside trading, you bet. pay to play,of course, accepting money from China, Russia without any doubts etc. Same game the Clinton’s like to play only worse, Biden and Pelosi love Chinese money, they made a ton over the years, at what cost to the American tax payor? One can only hope after the midterms American justice will be served. All money made against the laws of the United States for their disloyalty should require full restitution for any monies obtained, require monetary pay back.


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