Why Did Biden End Gas Leases During This Price Surge?


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Timcast IRL
– Timcast IRL – Biden Admin SLAMMED For Shuttering Gas Leases Amid RECORD High Gas w/Will Chamberlain

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Just had a local breastfeeding mom offer up her extra breastmilk on one of our local mom groups! This shortage is really sad and I feel for these mamas!

“Tradition is a set of solutions for which we have forgotten the problems. Throw away the solution and you get the problem back. Sometimes the problem has mutated or disappeared. Often it is still there as strong as it ever was.” Great quote by Donald Kingsbury, and we are seeing this vindicated as we have more and more traditions stripped from society. Liberal decline is hard to erase but we must reverse course!

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  1. Has anyone wondered why FEMA and the Red Cross are not stepping up to the baby formula issue? They have huge inventories for emergency situations. Is our government withholding these things intentionally?

  2. This senile,racist,frail,old,puppet.fool, and his administration are the enemy of the American people. How in the hell, can u do everything wrong,u would think that impossible, but not with dementia,joe.He not just a failure, but a totally unhinged,dispicable,tyrant, putting everyone in the poor house with his idiotic policies.He isn’t mentally fit, and needs to be removed by the 25th amendment, being that he can’t do his job.

    • The escapee from a Delaware nursing home had a low IQ before and it showed when he was Oboob’s VP. Now making matters worse, he’s a stupid senile POS election thief. At this point, I don’t care how he’s removed, just get rid of him.

      • It’s been showing the whole 50 years he has been in Washington! Take arrogance and narcissism, mix it with idiocy, add a little power and cover it with old age and dementia and heat it up with some fraudulent votes and you have the most horrible presicent the US will ever see in the oval office and not be able to find his way out!

    • Your absolutely right. So now tell me why isn’t somebody doing something? They were fast to impeach Trump twice, so what are they waiting for? Just makes me sick to my stomach for all the bad things that he and his vice president has done to this great country. Mr. Trump, my president, you are the only hope for this country.

    • He is following the Obama regime, who wanted to destroy this country. Do you not remember the jobs in manufacturing declining, all the bad policies in 2008-2016 ? The Democrats at the moment want to destroy the USA and bring it down to the Cuban or Venezuela, or China, and Putin’s regime. He needs to be removed from power, and put Obama in jail for treason, then we can get someone to lead who has some common sense, and is not Heels Up Harris. Obama would dictate to her what he wants done. He is the biggest racist, bigot, corrupt indiviual and always was. He knew that putting Biden in the WH would be his brown nosed puppet and would do exactly what he is told!

  3. Everything the Dope in Chief does makes inflation worse. If Trump did something this stupid Pelosi & Schumer would be on TV in a flash. We do see them every day, but they are only talking about the SCOTUS leak and defending the murder of the unborn.

  4. How has an idiot such as Biden remained in office of potus for such a long time being as stupid and dumb as he is ? We need him removed before he totally ruins this wonderful country and we certainly don’t need another useless assho– like Harris . The shortest way to recovery is to reinstate Trump as the real potus which he really is anyway. How did we ever stoop so low as we are now ?

    • JohnV: There was a rumor about winning the election and turning the House and Senate RED. After that happens, put POTUS 45 in as House Speaker, impeach fjb and cameltoes, piglosie, pencil neck, the penguin, cryin’ chuckie for starters then since fjb and cameltoes are gone, POTUS 45 assumes the POTUS and then runs in 2024 for another complete term. THAT I LIKE!!

      • You forgot about heels high Harris she’s she’s gotta go after Biden. Pelosi won’t be there after we win the house.The new speaker is next in line for President

    • We need to put Obama in front of a firing squad for treason before anything else. Then we impeach , or remove Biden.! If Obama is still running the show he will corrupt the next President……if she is not already corrupted!

  5. We won’t have a Country in 2 years China is going to eat our lunch.
    I’m convinced that Dems whant to destroy America
    Pelosi & the squad, Schumer and Obama, Hilary need to be arrested for treason against the USA we need to wake up AMERICANS!!! Time is of the essence. We must get it together ASAP.
    SAVE AMERICA 🇺🇸!!!

    • Why waste time arresting them. Put a bounty on each of them a give the people they are screwing over a chance to get even with them.

  6. Oh by the way we’re in the shit list for our comment’s
    We justgot flaged by our own government incredible!
    We’re no longer a free nation never thought I’d be saying that God help us.

    • What do you mean by ” we’re on the shit list for our comments? What do you mean ” we just got flagged by our government” Please explain!

      • He’s referring to the Department of Homeland Security and its Directorate to combat disinformation. It’s designed to identify individuals who say something they deem as disinformation and deal with them.

        • Well this article is misinformation. “Why Did Biden End Gas Leases During This Price Surge?” Biden did not end pipelines leases during this price surge, he created this price surge by ending pipelines! That is the truth! Only a mental midget would not know that!

  7. We have not been a free nation for some time, It all started with 2008-2016 Obama regime. He has been trying to erode our freedoms way back then. But the 2020 rigged election, that was his plan!

    • Rev. Al Sharpton signed into the WH 80 times the guy is a race baiting Clown who was he going to see 80 times well it’s well known Michelle hates Whites she has made that clear many times ..

  8. Biden takes his orders from China and John Kerry,What can anyone say about elected or appointed persons to public office that dishonor their oath of office and lie to Congress? What can anyone say about elected or appointed persons who betray their office by being corrupt,taking money from communist China or others have their office position conflicted or compromised by selling out their Country for personal gain? Any one who profits or gains from his betrayal of public office should have to pay back all personal gain and profits or assets from this treasonous act against their Country. Impeachment should just be the beggining to a process of restitution. These traitors should see jail for their crimes of personal gain against the united States of America.

  9. With the way the democrats win elections. I hope that the upcoming elections don’t repeat the previous one. If there are any discretions we’ll know who caused it! We need the Republican party to get prepared for this kind of cheating. We’ve had enough BS. Let’s take back our country!

  10. Send out more crack pipes the midterms are upon us, Crack pipes are now distributed in safe-smoking kits up and down the East Coast, raising questions about the Biden administration’s assertion that its multimillion-dollar harm reduction grant program wouldn’t funnel taxpayer dollars to drug paraphernalia.Does this not make Biden a drug King?

  11. WOW! I’d say the people are pissed and they have every right to be. But some of what I am seeing here is dangerous. Watch yourselves, your self-righteous anger will get you into trouble if you keep this up.

  12. all this covid surge is all lies. all about the midterms,i just got my first,unasked for mail in ballot. guess what i got 3 of them

  13. Biden the Puss brain is a horrible president. too bad the democrats committed massive voter fraud to put him in office.


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