WATCH: Biden Has ANOTHER Teleprompter Fail



What are the chances that this fraud be made to take a cognitive test, before nuclear war breaks out?

Never forget creepy Joe Biden and his administration are the reason we are looking at World War III from China and Russia and you can take that statement to your grave


  1. This guy and ALL demon Democrats and Yellow Back RINO Republicans must be taken to the “TRAIN STATION” AND OUT OF TOWN “FOREVER”

  2. Why would Biden at 79 want the job of being President he is constantly being attacked over his screw ups why would anyone his age want to put up with that His threat to Saudi Arabia if they don’t produce more oil goes way beyond the pale I know they are walking back that statement and nothing more is heard about it but the statement was dangerous

  3. Where are the Demo. requesting a dementia test for Joey like they did for Trump. While we all lie died from a nuke, dementia Joey will be safe in a bunker. The stupid will survive and eat ice cream while the rest of us are cremated. Vote these Demo. out and let’s get American on the right tract. NORMAL.

  4. For anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, this isn’t the real Biden. He is an actor or clone who will be removed soon. That is the reason for this ridiculous charade trying to show you he is demented. It is an act. The real guy has been gone since 2019. This person hasn’t set foot in the White House either. He’s been broadcasting from a studio. The real POTUS is still Donald Trump. Trump has the nuclear codes and control of the military. That is why Biden couldn’t send military or weapons to Ukraine. He and the other cabal members have been propping up Ukraine due to their money laundering, bioweapons labs, human trafficking, weapons and drugs..that is how they became wealthy. That is why “Biden” sent our tax dollars to Ukraine to prop up the Azov Command (Nazis), who have been running that country and murdering innocent Ukrainians. Putin has freed them and eliminated this nefarious activity. Everything we are witnessing has been orchestrated by the military alliance, who have been running the country since 2020- after the coup on Nov 3. Domestic traitors/enemy combatants working with foreign powers illegally overthrew the legitimately elected President and took over our government. They have turned us into a 3rd world entity with their policies, which are also illegitimate. Trump allowed the 2020 loss to show the world what the cabal really had in mind. Most of us are now awake. Destruction of America is their plan as well as depopulation. We have been operating under a COG (continuity of government) and devolution. The military, in the absence of a legitimately elected President, are running the country until such time, a legitimate election of a legitimate leader can occur. If you don’t believe me, look up Patel Patriot and you can view his videos and series regarding this on Rumble. All is allowed under the Constitution, and it is not considered a coup by the military at all. Too many people are asleep and cannot see that what has been occurring doesn’t add up and it is worldwide. Please do your own research- the truth is out there. The use of CGI (deep fake videos), actors wearing silicone masks and perhaps clones is what has occurred. Those whom you believe to be alive aren’t and vice versa. Do not waste your time watching mainstream media- they work with the cabal to instill fear and to manipulate your mind and beliefs. Truth will be revealed to the world very shortly.

    • The plan is to create a One World Government that will be run and commanded by the AntiChrist. Then Jesus will return and defeat the AntiChrist and rule this planet for a thousand years.

  5. Get this lying,racist,frail,old,puppet,fool,installed by the deep state,out of office,he wasn’t elected, he was installed, by a stolen election.He is a traitor,and compromised by foreign adversaries, and needs to be removed for total incompetency, and for criminal behavior with hunter.


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