UPDATE: Paul Pelosi And That Man Have Some Explaining To Do!


The story of the alleged home invader who attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, gets more and more complex as time progresses. New information has surfaced surrounding the identity…


First the DUI and now this… Mr. Pelosi needs to stop getting hammered.

I can’t imagine the security at her house would allow someone to break in undetected.


  1. For years the uglu old stupid cement face hag has been spewing hate and violence against anyone who isn’t a dummycrat. Now it’s time for the violence to return to the source. Since the uglu old stupid cement face hag says she’s Catholic, another lie from this female dog, she should think about this, “you will reap what you sow.”

    • also Paul was the one to open the door when police arrived, this means Paul was not restraint nor held by the attacker when police come, then why can’t Paul escape instead of wrestling with the attacker ? was there anyone else in the house besides Paul Pelosi ?

  2. this whole story is a pile of cow dung just like the phoney pelosis i dont believe one word of their B.S IT WAS All for a distraction as they know they are in for a azzzz kicking come November 8th THEY SHOULD BE IN PRISON FOR TREASON AND AND to SUESJA you are 100 % correct why why didnt he stay in the bathroom if it was a true home invasion and they say THAT mr. Pelosi was the one that let the criminal in his house so this whole made up sorry pathetic story is nothing but B.S

  3. The official fed, local popo and fake news media reports are more than just a scam, they’re an insult to anyone with any intelligence quotient at all. Focus people. Do not be sidetracked from the upcoming mid-term elections by this clown show. No one with a net worth of multiple hundreds of millions of dollars turns off the alarm systems at their residences anywhere unless they have a death wish. Then again perhaps the death wish angle has some validity. If I suspected Nancy was going to be out of a job and at home more very soon I’d be desperate for a change of venue too. But I digress. Focus on the mid-terms, take the country back and MAGA while it still has some moral and economic value !!! GOD bless America !!!!


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