Tucker: This Is Spectacularly Absurd!



Calling Greta Thunberg a climate expert is like calling Whoopi Goldberg a health and fitness expert.

When Biden says there is nothing to worry about, you need to worry,… big time.


  1. Greta Thunberg is making a fine living without working for it. Always consider the motives of the messenger before you decide if they are right or wrong.

  2. Greta Thunberg, like Al Gore, John Kerry, and most climate experts, has made several claims as to when the earth woudl be uninhabitable, the oceans would rise 5,10,15, 20 feet, and the lakes would dry up. Her latest was in 2018 when she said the earth woudl be uninhabitable in 5 years. Well!!!!! Looks like she was wrong!

    They are always wrong.

    I have listened to these claims for 60 years. first with abject fear, then with concern, then with humor, and now with disdain.

    We need laws that say when you make predictions that are design to force changes on populations and those predictions end out being false (lies) then you go to prison.

    30 years ago there were supposed to be no more polar bears, no penguins, no ice at the north pole, and death valley was going to be full of sea water. Teachers actually teach this garbage in schools.

    At glacier park their is a whole presentation about the ice age and glaciers carving out the park. then up on the side to the road there was a sign that says this glacier has receded 500 feet in 20 years due to man made global warming. The sign put up by the US nation parks. They were literally so stupid they did not even learn from their own presentations!

    When do these idiots have to pay for their continuous 60 year lie? Greta Thunberg shoudl be inprison.

  3. You hit the bullseye with that one Tucker, all about control. They want to keep people living in fear and distracted enough to push their own agendas for personal gain. I grew up on a cattle ranch in north west Montana where in the 70s and 80s our winters were brutal. Several feet of snow, cold spells dipping to -15 or -20 degrees. Yet the east had fairly mild winters with some snow and cold but not terrible. Now it’s reversed. The east has been getting hammered with bad winter storms for several years with record snow fall and low temps. I’m no expert not even that knowledgeable about it but strictly from an observer point of view. Is it possible that this is a natural evolution of the planet? I remember Greek philosopher Plato theorized that the planet is evolving just like every other natural living thing in the universe. Do I think we do things that damage the ecosystem? Yes but at the same time I find it hard to believe it will lead to a catastrophic event. This planet has proven itself to be very resilient and will survive. Maybe it’s just nature’s or gods way of cleansing the planet of the parasite called the “human race”. Maybe because of all the injustice and cruelty in the world we all deserve to be erased and start over again.

  4. Thunberg??????????
    Give us a break !!!!!! Ya got to be kidding !!!!!!!


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