Trump ATTACKS Candace Owens, HUGE MISTAKE!



I hope so much our side doesn’t start eating itself like the Left does. Please God don’t let that happen.

Trump has had so many people he trusted backstabbing him, he doesn’t even question it anymore. ☹️
Love you Candace


  1. What the hell is going on? are u losing your mind, quit attacking everyone, or your done,capeesh, your burning bridges, of the ones u need.U need independence like me, your running them off.

  2. Your comments are spot on. If President Trump continues to act in this fashion, those of us who did support him will now be forced to constantly defend his inappropriate actions and we will not be able to defend what we also believe to be inappropriate ourselves.

  3. I don’t hate this video, I agree. I’m so disappointed in Trump’s current actions, and I have been one of his strongest supporters; this attack mode he has gone into is so destructive. Stop it right now, Mr. Trump, it’s as bad as the constant cheating coming from the left. It will destroy our chances. Sure, some supposed Republicans have been a great big disappointment, real Benedict Arnolds, but you must, MUST rise above it and quit with the immature rants. De Santis and Owens did not deserve it, and you need to apologize. (I would add, that far worse comes from the left, but we can’t be like them.)

  4. Attacking DeSantis & Owens just sunk his prospects of ever regaining the White House. His attack mode just makes him look petty. He has enough of an uphill battle without burning brides. He is loosing one-time staunch supporters. Give it up, Mr. Trump!

  5. His tendency to lead with harsh, critical language was the reason for ill will inside and outside the party before. It may also be the reason he was successful in so many areas where Dems were not doing the right thing. It looks like many Republicans and all of the Dems will vote against him in any future campaign. It may have already been the reason for a lack luster mid-term election. It is possible that his influence is lower than it needs to be for a solid win.

  6. Hello. For those who haven’t seen/heard his attack re his “vaccines” on Owens, it would be good to have included it in this cast, in order to “judge.” However, I don’t believe he fully was informed of what the “Daily Beast” or “Politico” printed–anyhow, who believes what they write??? I also wonder and would like to know reason for his insisting that those vaccines were “Good” although I guess it was before the truth behind them was revealed (showing he had bad intel.). Recall he’s being hounded from day 1. So, he is naturally easily in attack mode. But, repeat, exactly when was interview & exactly what/when, etc. did Candace give her interview to…?


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