Trans Biological Male WINS ‘MISS America’ Pageant For The FIRST TIME EVER!



As a woman I am very offended and disgusted by this. These people are plain wicked and evil.

As a biological born woman who placed in a beauty pageant as a teenager I am appalled at this. It was so unfair to the actual young women in this contest. This should have never been allowed to happen.


  1. Blame it on trash that call themselves liberated women how else do you think Harris got to be VP do you think she got there by merit ? you got women dancing in the streets doing high’5 cause they can still get to do legal murder called abortion Motherhood was and still is the most important role in this Country

  2. What is wrong with people ? This man is not a woman period.
    If they want a contest for trans then have a contest, but don’t put a man in a woman’s dress compete against other women. Where have our morals and values gone? He is not a woman, no matter how you dress him, he is still a man.

  3. This is the most offensive thing ever. He won MISS America because of woke liberals kissing the butts of trans people! All the WOMEN in that contest should sue everyone they can think of. If you have a penis you aren’t a woman. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig!!

  4. I believe most of you have forgotten the number one prerequisite needed in order to win in the new pageant – weight; the more you weigh the more points you get so this was won by a ton oops meant by a mile.

  5. What an ugly faggot bitch! But given the shape this hell hole called the United States is in, an ugly faggot bitch is perfect for representing this diabolical country. Civil war is needed, but for unification like the first was. It’s for PERMANTLY splitting the country!

  6. This nonsense has gone far beyond ridiculous . It has entered the zone of disgusting pandering to virtue signal just how far they are willing to go to push their twisted views and opinions of reality.

  7. He is not pretty at all. I thought these pagents were meant to highlight the beautiful young women. No only is he not pretty he is a he and not a she

  8. I saw this, this morning, while drink my first “cuppa”, I began to laugh and blew coffee out of my Nose and had to shut down the computer before it shorted out,…. now that it is dry and I can use it again i have put down the cup and am typing again,…. I am absolutely appalled at how ugly this thing is, male or female, it looks like shrek only fatter, It in no way shape or form meets the “BMI” for miss amerika let alone America
    and whomever allowed this THING to run should be shot,hung, drawn and quartered, and their head placed upon a pike on the whorehouse lawn in front of Comrade Chairman bidens window,…. then those who voted on the selection panel should be drug tested and the same done to them

  9. This is as sick as it comes. This is a man,not a woman,and he doesn’t belong in a womans beauty pagent. This is all thanks to a lying,senile,sexualperv,racist,frail,old puppet,fool, who obviously,mentally unfit, for the country, but pushes this insanity,on our kids.

  10. Women, girls and their parents need to start pulling themselves out of any sporting events or beauty contests that involve transgender males. They also need to fire school boards, principals and teachers that promote transgender ideology in their schools.

  11. The dumb a$$es that voted for this freak should be ashamed. This nation is surely going to hell when this sort of stupidity is condoned. Cancel the contest! It is a farce.


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