This Is HARASSMENT!!! Get Ready For Some Serious Lawsuits!!!


Former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney says the FBI raiding former US president Donald Trump’s home is “unprecedented at very many levels”. “Knowing a little bit about how the Department of Justice works, knowing a little bit about Merrick Garland, this is not the type of thing it would have undertaken lightly,” he told Sky News Australia. “They know the political pressure they’re going to come under because of this, they know the scrutiny they’re going to come under because of this. “If they didn’t think they didn’t have it 100 per cent rock solid, I don’t think they’d be doing this.”


This is HARASSMENT!!! Get ready for some serious lawsuits!!!

If they can do this to President Trump just imagine what they can and will do to you! Yet Brandon and his son walk free and the establishment turns a blind eye!


  1. The highly politicized Dept. of Justice. Let’s call it by its real name, the Dept. of Injustice. Garland is a Leftist tool and should be removed from office.

  2. we all know Garland has lied to congress every time he has been in front of them. We all know the fbi has been illegally used to attack parents. This raid on trump was nothing other then political garbage.

    Right after the republicans take control of congress they need to toss fauci in prison, then garland, biden, harris, pelosi, schiff, schummer, nedlar, and murray.

    Do it all in one week.

  3. I think President Trump is right in saying what did they plant with no witnesses. I’ll bet you no body cams were on these idiots that went to raid his home. People on the left if you haven’t decided to vote Republican yet this should do it right here? Democrats are way above the same law they kept saying no one is above the law. There are a lot of judicial system personnel involved here also remember that come November. I really believe they will try and take President Trump out before long, because they know there has never been and will never be any there there. I wouldn’t put it past Millie to get a sniper from his military. I beg anybody and everybody who loves President Trump to protect him at all costs. Democrats know this will be only way they can win this time after there fraudulent votes last time. Please God protect the Man from evil!

    • I absolutely AGREE WITH all you stated! I’m glad knowing that there are, I believe, a lot more good people then bad. At least I’m hoping that’s true. We have NO MORE TIME, to sit and do nothing. To stand by and do nothing about EVIL is EVIL. WE not only have TRUMP, we have the “King of all Kings” on the side of good vs. evil, OUR DEAR LORD, OUR BEAUTIFUL SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST IS fighting with GOOD.

  4. Gabe, let’s not forget Hillary and Barry O. Remember back in the 90s, the crimes the Clintons commited, we’re talking murder. Barry O lied to the American people, he was born in Kenya. He should have never become president. The FBI and the dept. Of Injustice need to go, as in forever.

    • Your comment is pathetic – this has been tossed about for months, but some die-hards keep harping on this nonsense.

  5. Let’s just all vote for Trump to get back into the White House. Then watch their heads explode with fear that they will be getting exposed of all the dirty shit they have been doing. This is the fear the left is having.


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