The Election Fraud Rabbit Hole Just Got Deeper!



The military compromised? Ya think. If they weren’t they would have upheld their oaths by now and arrested most of our Congress and corporate leadership for treason.

Durham just got his ass kicked again!!!!!

Igor Danchenko, the primary source for tRussia dossier, was acquitted Tuesday of of lying to the FBI in an embarrassing defeat for special counsel John Durham.

Durham has taken two cases to trial, andLOST BOTH!!!!

After more than three years looking for misconduct in the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe, Durham has only secured one conviction: the guilty plea of a low-level FBI lawyer, who got probation.

Clowns!!!! What an October surprise!!!!


  1. I’m still reflecting on what the Heck Miller thanked Pence about leading them through the greatest military action, still wonder if Pence was running a counter action?

  2. Come on man, vote Democrat for open borders, more Fauci, more mandates, more lockdowns, unaffordable food, unaffordable gas, 11% inflation (right now), more DOJ persecution of pro-life Americans and concerned parents at school board meetings, more FBI raids, more Jan 6th witch hunts, a NUKE WAR with Russia and much more Democrat WOKE insanity.

  3. Durham can have all evidence for a conviction but won’t ever get one as long as the jury are ALL liberal haters of America. Honesty amd patriotism is something Dem/liberals don’t have or understand. Durham Woukd have easily gotten convictions if the jury were not dishonest hate filled libs. All libs are lying human trash; yess, ALL of you. You will vote for totally corruot Dems and will gladly place America at risk. You all deserve the high gas prices, high food costs, total open borders that are extremely damaging and gives cartels control. High costs and limited product delivery is exactly what you corruot MORON/SHEEP, deserve. You also want children to know about deviant behavior and want actual education to be totally dismissed in favor of your horrific brain washing deviancy. Our military is greatly damaged and recruiting is terrible because of liberals pusing their WOKE immoral agenda. Dems amd libs are Just horrible people and if the GOP dose t win big then America will not exist as we know it.


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