That’s The First Discipline That Lady Has Ever Received In Her Life, And It’s Justified.



Not only was this NOT police brutality, it was hilarious.

I see nothing wrong here sir. Just a humble man defending his person. carry on.


  1. They want to be equal, while we pay their rent, feed them and their bastard kids, section eight housing, health care and provide the “dog to kick” cops…Yes this is progress. Has anyone ever heard the term Subspecies?

  2. No matter how wrong it is, a light slap compared to a closed fist is just wrong. I thought cops are trained to handle these kind of situations. I’m just saying. For sure it won’t surprise me if those ladies that were punched in the face, win lawsuits.

    • Guess you never heard about keeping your hands to yourself. And did you notice this woman you’re mentioning has a record of physical abuse? Oh, and if this dummy wants to sue the police, perhaps they need to counter sue her actions that caused her to get plastered up cross the head.

  3. Daddy always told me Do Not hit a woman,but if she comes to your level and uses her fist first then you defend yourself she has crossed the line and put herself in your world BUT maybe not on your skill level Remember All is fair in love and WAR when She strokes you with a fist it’s no longer LOVE but WAR

  4. I would have nailed her too. You want to be stupid pay the price. Cops have been miss treated for a long time now. Why should they have to let someone hit, or shove them, while they do their job. I just say, make sure you have your body cam on, and they hit first. Then nail them.


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