She Only JUST Found This Out…



As far as I’m concerned, I jumped with joy that President Trump WON!!!! He loves America and wanted to make us a wonderful country that we could be proud of!!!

That’s a real leader. Someone who uncontrollably sobs for 30 minutes because something she didn’t like happened. Also sounds like the stories of what Hillary was doing in her hotel room after losing. So stunning. So brave.


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    • I am really surprised that you are still prostituting out your mother and daughter and your wife well she just gives it up for free to everybody but I can’t believe you’re making that kind of money when your mother was only charging me $2.15 and your daughter was only charging like a I think it was a dollar even

  2. She fostered racism and he promoted it. If she is so unhappy about being American and like most BLMs wants to be where more people “look like her” I have an idea… And BTW… Barry was HALF white, thanks to his mother, who diddled an African, then died and his G-ma/pa raised him with white values… What if he’d gone with daddy to Kenya? Would he live in a hut, have five wives?… Hey, Mooshell.. Kenya is still there. Grab a ticket.. There is not only a country where everyone looks like Mooo, or You.. There is an ENTIRE continent. Its called AFRICA. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass… Bye

  3. Why is it that leftists need, absolutely need, to lie about every single aspect of every single thing.

    Michelle Obama and her husband are constantly lying.

    Biden and his administration lie about the economy every day: news flash the economy sucks and is getting worse by the second.

    The border is a disaster and democrats want it that way because they want to give voting rights to illegals. The democrats lie about both of those things while they are doing it.

    biden is an corrupt as any human on earth and the democrats lie about that every day.

    Hunter is guilty of hundreds of crimes and they lie about that every day.

    The entire biden cabinet is a bunch of corrupt old white peopel stealing for america.

    Most VP’s do not do much. We can be honest about that. Kamala is only worse because when she does go out in public it is worse then if she just stayed hidden.

    Then you have all the little droid leftist sheeple who simply ignore the lying, cheating, stealing, perversion, and tax increases because they are desperate to be cool liberals. their entire life is a lie.


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