San Francisco DA reveals shocking new details in Paul Pelosi attack


San Francisco district attorney Brooke Jenkins provides update on the assault on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi in press conference. #FoxNews #thefive


Why didn’t the PD let the criminal go without bail, like they do when victims aren’t politicians?

I’m glad law enforcement works so diligently to protect the people whose policies endanger everyone else.


  1. This is the problem in today’s society. There is no integrity or honor among media, police or politicians. The rich elite people will always get away with crime. Both of these clowns were in their underwear. ( Noticed the DA had to mentioned that PP was in his boxers) this is a cover up!!!

    What about the guy in his guy last month when he was arrested for DUI?
    No mention of that!!

    What about the cash for bail program for this male prostitute?? Why the double standards of letting a criminal go that stole a border patrol’s weapon and shot a beautiful young lady in broad daylight.. still free ??

    See, if you know anyone voting for a Democrat …. We will never be friends because you are part of the problem.

    San Francisco can burn to the ground and I would not waste my spit.

  2. Why can’t we find out why the cameras at the Pelosi’s house weren’t working , why didn’t the alarm go off if someone was breaking in , why was the Glass the intruder supposedly broke in weren’t in the house instead of all outside . You break the glass from the inside that’s how the glass ends up outside . Why did Paul tell the 911 caller the supposed attacker was a friend instead of an intruder. Why were both men in their underwear, who let police in the door , was there a third person in the house. Why did the police not immediately arrest the supposed attacker and allow him to hit Paul over the head with a hammer ,they were right there and witnessed it. More lies and coverup by the SFO police dept , they aren’t releasing the video tapes , , the cameras the police were wearing , the whole 911 call , how about all the cameras out side of Pelosi house . Neighbors in the immediate area of Pelosi House , said everyone had alarms on their houses . Why didn’t the Pelosi alarm go off , why weren’t the cameras outside of the house not being observed by local Secret Service or police . Too many unanswered questions , there is a coverup going on and will we ever find out what really happened . Another major coverup by the Democratic Party and the left wing bias media , it totally stinks to high Heaven .

  3. Now that it’s been established that Big PP was wearing boxers…
    What was the male prostitute sporting? Jockey shorts?
    What kind of socks were they both wearing?
    C’mon man…this is no joke…

  4. Why isn’t this guy let out like every other criminal? Is Paul special? Guess we all know the answer to these questions. Demo. get ultra-special treatment but the taxpayers who pay their salaries get s**t.

  5. Hmm sounds like old Paul went and picked up a friend ( from a gay bar ) and turned off the cameras so the secret service does not see him getting bent over? And yes where is the body cams the officers were wearing. From the beginning the story did not add up. I am betting more will come out.

  6. The spin is on. There is much more to this incident than “officials” are presenting. We’ll never know what really happened with this case.

  7. Follow the logic. Paul needed a lip lock and called in a male prostitute. He gets what he wants and the gay provider will not leave and Paul calls 911 and says a freind is causing trouble and needs to be dispatched.
    Gay friend gets angry and grabs a hammer making demands. The police arrive and Paul is there in his boxers with a nude gay prostitute with the hammer.
    Paul has been caught with his pud in the hands of someone beside Nancy.


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