Pelosi Attack False Flag Implodes



My condolences to Brazilian patriots as it appears Jair Bolsonaro just narrowly “lost” his re-election to a 77-year old senile far-leftist. Hmmm…sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Is that a hammer in your hand or are just happy to see me.


  1. I find it extremely interesting that it said he was attacked very early Friday morning like 2:30am and Nancy who has access to a jet as speaker shows up to hospital Sunday?

  2. All this smells fishy. Maybe nasty Nancy attacked her husband while wearing a mask of David De Pape. Cash in on the life insurance. The liberal media are scrambling like drama queens for answers. Nasty Nancy needs to be interrogated.

    • For that nasty ugly old cement face hag to be wearing a mask of David De Pape it would be an improvement on her horrible looks. Say one thing about the old bitch, she doesn’t need a costume on Halloween. She’s a mixture of Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, Werewolf, and the Mummy all rolled into one.

  3. the whole thing is a badly created and poorly executed plan to cover up for paul pelosi.

    It is pretty obvious the real story is that paul pelosi invited Davild Depape over to do some broke back mounting. Pelosi likely got accidentally hit with a alcohol bottle. he felt he needed medical attention.

    knowing that Nancy is already pissed about the bad press he has had he called Nancy who had one of the democrat strategists work out a cover story. unfortunately David and paul did not do a good job of executing the cover story. window broken from the inside out, failure to get david to put on clothes before the cops showed up. The fact they had to go find a hammer in the pelosi’s mansion while claiming that david just happened to find it on his way up to bash pelosi in his sleep yet somehow had pelosi’s hammer to break in with.

    The whole story is BS.

    All of David’s charges will disappear after November 9th. just like paul pelosi’s DUI did.

  4. Cover up…story, news, blemishes, etc…as always it will disappear! Jets fly quickly and she wasn’t so concerned about her hubby that she didn’t get to him immediately!

  5. Who turned off the alarm that didn’t go off when glass wad broken? They lived in the !most protected home in San Francisco. How does someone get to that glass door? Is it just available to anyone? That doesn’t sound like a protected place.Come on man!

  6. It’s all bullshit , more lies by the Pelosi Family , Nancy covering up for her husband , who had a DUI just a couple of months ago , that we had to wait almost a month before we got the information of what really happened when he had his accident , where he hit someone . No witnesses , how about the individual he hit with his car, how he tried to use his name to get out of his arrest. Same thing in this incident , where are all the Camera Videos that the police were wearing , what about the Cameras outside of the House of the Pelosi Residence , why weren’t they being monitored that morning , why did Paul Pelosi tell the 911 Caller that the person was a friend and his name was David , why didn’t he lock himself in the bathroom , when he supposedly call 911 on the phone. Who let the police in the front door , was there another person in the house with the two men. This is a master coverup by the left wing media and the Democratic Party , we need the truth , however will we ever get that , doubt it seriously . Will the Police in SFO , be silent of what really went on , when they arrived at the residence , they need to get their story right , who will it have to be approved by Nancy before it’s released to the Left Wing Media , NYT, Washington Post , facebook .


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