Paul Pelosi Was Most Likely Attacked By a Male Prostitute



There is absolutely nothing about the attacker that points towards him being Republican or conservative. Everything about him says Dem/Liberal !!!!

Everything they accuse us of doing or being is exactly what they do or are.


  1. Karma Nancy Karma!

    Nancy is always trying to hide what she is really about. She truly brings shame to the catholic community! No wonder she is always a big wreck!

  2. The Dems always blame someone else for what they are doing. The old saying goes “follow the money”. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they have their fingers in the illegal drug trade and people trafficking coming through our borders along with hopefully getting illegal votes to stay in power. It’s no wonder some people are so crazy and unreal when our politicos go around encouraging and paying for violence in the name of “peaceful” demonstrating, sniffing little girls and “enjoying” perverted sex. (Guess this one wasn’t so much fun after all!) They don’t even know the difference between a man and a woman. The left says we are a danger to society (Not true! We’re just trying to be good citizens and live out the Constitution and In God We Trust. These are the principles that our country was built on. That’s what has blessed us ever since our nation was born.) They point one finger at us and four at themselves…

  3. I speculated on day one that Depape was likely a male prostitute or a “friend” of Paul Pelosi’s. I was rode pretty hard by leftists but little by little the evidence is coming in and it won’t be long before I will be vindicated. What stinks about this is how quickly the left turned a fight between to perverts into an attack of Republicans and Jan. 6 prisoners. They just never seem to stop.

    • why was the “intruder” wearing underwear?

      I think they have a different meaning for intruding then we are thinking of! I think maybe a bare back mountain type intrusion.

    • that is what depape was saying to paul before the accidental whisky bottle hit paul’s head. probably had paul on his knees and david depape just lowered the bottle too fast and smacked paul’s head while giving head.

  4. If all this is true, (which I doubt) to bad nasty Nancy was the one not being attacked. A quicker way of getting rid of a career politician, without the dishonest votes.

  5. Listen to the LIAR in Chief, “there’s no place for violence, stolen elections, etc, etc.” Except for BLM and ANTIFA, the J6 dilemma. Funny how when he’s pissed and pooped, his words are more clear.

  6. sure a male prostitute that paul pelosi called to the house.

    this whole story reeks of cover up.

    We are not supposed to knwo that paul pelosi likes it in the A$$. now the question is how many times was paul pelosi on air epstien.


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