Nancy Pelosi Makes GHOULISH Comments on Mother’s Day…


Image from video below…


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Ben Shapiro
– The left spent Mother’s Day advocating for the killing of the children that makes them mothers (and fathers).

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From “men can get pregnant” to “it’s a woman’s issue” to “my body my choice” to no unvaccinated allowed in restaurants, bars, gyms, and extreme cases access to medical procedures. From “it’s a woman’s right to choose” to “I can’t define a woman, I’m not a biologist.” You have to just admire the way they connect the dots.

Can’t believe these people are the leaders of America, it’s laughable but at the same time I real feel for you guys

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  1. She is ju st the EVIL RICH WITCH BITCH of the USA, listen not to her lies or her families lies. they are all EVIL. And their sins can not be undone.

  2. Well, this ugly old stupid hag does look like a decaying old body that’s been in the ground for several years. She could make a “Living Dead” movie without any make up. She most likely smells like road kill that’s laid out in the sun for a few days. For the ugly old drunk hag to say something ghoulish is par for the course.


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