My God He Lies So Effortlessly. Almost Like He Never Gets Called Out.



He didn’t have an “advanced notice” of the exact time, but I’m 100% sure he knew what was going to happen!

My god he lies so effortlessly. Almost like he never gets called out.


  1. Poopypants senile stupid Joe’s entire life is a lie. He really doesn’t know the difference and it has nothing to do with him being senile.

  2. It’s easy for him to lie. He’s the son of the devil. The devil is the father of lies. The way he treats the press is how President Trump should’ve done. Just walk away before he inadvertently tells the truth. STOLEN elections have consequences.

  3. When your actions and deeds will never in any way affect you or your families standard of living you will say anything put in front of you on the teleprompter even if your at the point in your life that your brain has been so damaged by aneurysm’s stroke and old age he is well past the point of caring as if he ever did.DUDA

    • Maybe with a little help! God sets up rulers and he TAKES THEM OUT!!!!But be careful what you pray for ,I believe under( HORSE FACE) Harris it would be much worse!!

  4. He is a Democrat. When he is of no further value to them, they (the Democrats) will dispose of him and replace him with someone more valuable to them. He has dementia and has no clue regarding what is going on around him and what he is doing.

  5. He’s the puppet Obama & Rice & a few more are the puppet masters.
    He couldn’t come up with this stuff on his own!!!! Just take a good look,
    what do you see?? He never had a real job just living off the gov’t. It’s
    having these types in control forever that needs to change. We must
    have term limits as well as age would help. Don’t cha think?


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