MUST SEE: George Bush Delivers History’s Greatest Freudian Slip…


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Russell Brand
– History’s greatest Freudian slip? George W Bush accidentally condemned the ‘unjustified and brutal’ Iraq invasion at an event on Wednesday.

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He just described the United States perfectly while accusing others of the crimes they actually commit

Iraq was not a “mistake.” It was deliberate. WAR IS A BUSINESS.

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    • Both of them were Useless and Spineless. There is nothing Patriotic about the Patriot Act. He sent troops to Iraq when 15 of the 19 were Saudi’s. His excuse to get Hussain “he tried to kill my daddy”. Hussain was probably not the only one.

  1. What’s telling about this Ikraine mess is the people who are backing Ukraine and calling Putin a monster. Let’s the world know that on the face of it the official narrative is garbage. What’s really goin on is being buried or called a conspiracy.


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