McEnany: This Was The Moment America Turned Away From President Biden



I miss President Trump and can’t wait to put him back in office in 2024

I spoke to a military man that was in Afghanistan for this disaster. I said to him, “I know you’re tired of this question, but” and he interrupted and said it’s all true. We sat there and could have gotten hundreds out, but we’re told not to. This is what is being hidden from everyone.


  1. Actually, a lot of Americans turned away from old poopypants senile stupid Joe because he’s always been a dummy but everyone knows he stole the 2020 election, even the ones who helped him steal it, and his constant mindless threats on the American people and total disregard for everyone except his worthless self. All of his disastrous decisions have proven my statements but he even crapped on the people who were at least willing to give him a chance. Now all he has is his VERY little following of mindless stupid piles of crap people who will blindly follow this pile of runny raw sewage over the cliff he’s taking this country to.

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  3. That’s what happens when your commander in chief is working for the Chinese Communist Party and not the United States of America. They got the airport and they got the humiliation of the USA.

  4. Bidum is directly responsible for 13 service members losing their lives and for leaving a billion dollars worth of brand new military equipment behind in Afghan

  5. This is what a real traitor is,just like his buddy bathouse barry soetoro, two presidents, that sold america out to the enemy. They are arrogant,narcistic,delusional,despicable, human beings,who hate America, and the American people, fk the traitors.


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