Mass Resignations Are STILL HAPPENING, The Economy Is Crumbling & Its Biden’s Fault



Luke has it right. If you are a young white male, what is your incentive to work hard in a workforce that rejects hard work and promotes only based on skin color or gender, something he can not ever be?

25 yr old white male foster care provider here. worked construction in my teens, as well as a cook. this is the best job ive ever had. hard to put to words the self respect i feel for myself teaching kids who have never known love and family, what its like. been doing this job for 5 years. there is nothing more emotionally gratifying as seeing a kid who came in, in absolute shambles to see them become top of the class and they tell you their dreams. pretty amazing job.


  1. The real purpose for the resignations is that now all the incompetence and corruption and Joe needing the secret service to change his diaper will be exposed. As in the words of the ex porno star who is now VP, “They’re not going to pin this shit on me.”

  2. I have been saying this since the day the democrats won in 2020. They are going to put us in a depression.

    People tried to argue I was wrong, but in obama’s 8 years he barely got the economy to move we were really in a recession most of obama time in office.

    Trump made the economy boom. Things were great.

    Here’s comes biden and the economy is garbage.

    It’s the democrat / liberal philosophy that makes them destroy our economy. Socialism does not work. They keep trying to buy votes with socialism and the whole economy tanks.

    You just can’t vote democrat.

    • Obuma’s 3rd term (now but credited to Bumbling Biden) is currently going as bad as his first two terms. Both are total losers!

  3. In my opinion, Biden is methodically destroying our government, our country and we who belong here. The only reason I can think of is that he wants to be our dictator and die in office. And I find myself wondering if Biden is a socialist or a fascist. It simply has to be one of the two because he’s violated virtually every part of his presidential oath. He’s done absolutely nothing for the country but has done plenty to it. When draft dodger Clinton was elected I never thought I could despise anyone any more. Then that guy who was born in Kenya came Obama and proved me wrong. And then along came Biden and REALLY proved me wrong. In my opinion all three have committed treason and should be serving life terms in prison.


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