Liz Cheney Gets DESTROYED By EVERYBODY After Attacking Trump As DESPERATE Campaign Ad BACKFIRES!!



Dick Cheney makes me regret voting for Bush, twice. Up until Trump, I voted for the lesser of two evils but in 2016 and 2020, I voted FOR TRUMP and I’ll do it again in 2024.

confirmation that President Trump is the good guy in this movie.


  1. Lizardeth Cheney is a democrat. She should stop lying and just run as a democrat.

    She would still lose but at least it would be an honest lose.

    But then she is a Cheney and honesty is not their strong suit.

  2. It’s TO BE EXPECTED that when a person lives up to her oath of office while another more charismatic person VIOLATES HIS she is unjustly punished. It’s VERY LIKELY that Hitler’s enemies were unjustly punished during his rise to power also!

    • Are you serious? She is a vindictive lying piece of crap. Her own speculation on things. Trump wasn’t there, called for peaceful and patriot protest. He is NOT responsible for what people did there. Furthermore, what about that group of people who changed into Trump clothes that I would bet were not Trump supporters and were there to cause riots. And what about Trumps request for extra secutiry (National Guard) to keep things peaceful. Ignored by Pelosi and the rest. Had that request been granted none of this would have happened. What about the security guard who opened the door from inside and appeared to actually escort protesters in. That is in itself a pretty damning thing. I honestly believe a lot of the was a set up once again. The Dems will do anything to get their way even if it means violence.

  3. Dave U R One sick puppy. U have to be a Commie DemoRat. Missy lizzy is nothing more than GUTTER TRASH.. WAKE THE HELL UP DUDE !

  4. The Cheney clan has always been just like the other self serving better than thou art clowns in the political world. They all scratch and claw to keep their cushy jobs in government to keep the money (billions) flowing into their coffers and power. Our whole government needs to be completely dismantled and start from scratch once again just like the court system does.

  5. Just wake up Dave!! You’ve been indoctrinated far too long by the Dem’s lies and corruption. Are you sleeping? So much has come out about all of this corruption and you’re still in their camp? Wow you’re sad!

  6. dick lies with a straight face and 246years he may look that old but
    and then he made his money on the war in iraq his meals

  7. We can not trust the FBI, CIA. Justice Department. They are all dirty. They have no honor. They helped start and was behind what happened at the Capital. We can not believe what these people tell us. We owe them no respect. Time to clean out Washington and start over. Wait till the IRS gets done with everyone.


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