Karine Jean Pierre LOSES CONTROL Of The Briefing Room! Absolute Chaos ERUPTS!!



Karine Jean-Pierre is the PERFECT example of why you should never choose someone based only on race, gender or sexual identity.

I’ve watched her shut him down over and over, I thought the Biden administration loved Black people


  1. Hey, we all know what’s wrong with her. Her wig is on too tight. Notice how somedays it more orange and others more brown? She needs to just take it off awhile and let her bald head breathe. And who are those clowns behind her smiling and grinning? Then comes the lesson from “Miss Manners”.. Hey , at least this guy giving her grief is a “bro” so kinda like the 5 black cops who beat their bro to death..She at least can’t play one of her four cards, Female, black, gay and disadvantaged, pulled up by Affirmative Action . ie… BLACK. Funny to watch he slither her way out

  2. I am not defending her but in reality she is caught between a rock and a hard place. She is defending a fake president and a fake administration that are defined by lies. They never ever tell the truth about anything, so how can she even hope to answer a question? If she had any moral character she would quit the job and when they ask her why she should say, “I can not defend the indefensible.”

  3. KJP has NEVER had any control during any press briefings. She always falls apart as soon as Doocy ask a question. This is just normal operating procedure for her.

  4. Is it respectful to continuously lie to the press and the american people.

    Is it decorum to lie to everyone for the entire term of the administration.

    I am done with you. Now that is decorum.

    She clearly will not answer any question.

    KJP is a racist. she is KKK biden’s little black girl.

  5. Karine is the Baghdad Bob of Press Secretaries. If you remember when our military took Baghdad in 2003 Bob was in the street looking like a confused Elmo the Muppet saying the Hussein Republican Guard are driving the invaders out of Iran. All the while Army Abrams were rolling through Baghdad in the background. That is Karine saying we are financially secure, with workers making record income gains, while we are rushing from recession towards depression. She touts the job numbers every month but how many of those jobs are workers taking on 2nd and 3rd jobs because the bank or credit card will not extend them more credit just to get through day to day life?? I hear her and still hear John Vernon’s words to the Senator in “The Outlaw Josey Wells”, to clean it up,”Don’t urinate down my back and tell me it’s raining”. Nuff Said.


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