Kari Lake Gains Ground in AZ while Protesters Show Up outside Maricopa County Elections Office



It’s amazing how so many people vote for someone that never left their basement. Reminds me of 2020.

Mail-in ballots, and early voting, should have never been implemented in the U.S. elections since they’re unconstitutional. The USPS is not a very secure way of conducting U.S. elections.


  1. Did anyone know that Joe Biden’s sister is married to Stephen Owens, the co-founder of the private equity firm Staple Street Capital, which owns Dominion Voting Systems …Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein’s husband are big stockholders in Dominion. The bottom line is the Democrats own Dominion Voting Systems.

    • All one has to do is pull up the video of the VP of Dominion saying that he would make sure the democrats won the 2020 election to know how badly flawed that election was. With all of the issues with the lack of security on those machines, my question is why is any place still using them? Oh, right. Because the democrats have to have a means to retain their power.

  2. Mail in votes isn’t about right or wrong. It’s about winning at any cost as history has shown. With mail in votes there is no honest election. Only a way for winning.

  3. Just like the 2020 election now 2022 and no different filled with fraudulent claims again no way possible Hobbs got this many votes just like Fettermam in Pennsylvania what a rigged election

    • The problem I have with mail-in votes is that the USPS union supports the democrats. As such, they are willing to stuff ballot boxes for them and dump votes for anyone else. I knew that 2020 election was fraudulent when I heard that all of the military ballots from a Georgia base were unanimously for Biden, a man who despises the military and makes no secret of it. There is no way that they voted FOR that demented pedophile.

      • Are you saying that the Republican who is charge of the post office, and who, by the way, refuses to resign when asked to, is going to allow the USPS to dump Republican votes? And, how the hell would they know what are Republican votes and what are Democrats? The votes are passed on in sealed containers; that would mean, by your statement, that they stopped on the way and unsealed the containers and then dumped the Republican votes. Do you see how silly and stupid such statements are? It’s so stupid to call the 2020 election fraud, when the Republicans were in charge of the White House, the Senate, most of the Secretaries of State, had more governors than the Democrats and more judges that Mitch put on the bench that if there were genuine cases to be appealed then the Republican would win in a landslide. Now if after all that there were fraudulent votes then the Republicans had no right be leaders of people. You know when there’s no point to make one resorts to name calling like- demented pedophile.

  4. Omg you people just love to hear yourselves talk and complain. Just because your candidate didn’t win fair and square then of course you think some fraud had to have happened. NO actually, all it means is that the people voted and the other candidate WON. You can’t believe Hobbs and Fetterman could win, well they did enough with the crying. All you Republicans scream fraud when you lose, is it that hard to believe that the other candidate was just a much better representative for this country. Enough with the complaining.

  5. Oh by the way in the real world today the democrats voted in a House Representative and House Senator who is dead on arrival or maybe not, the dead Senator voted for himself. Oh maybe the way we have a Pa. Senator elect that cannot make language with the President or maybe the President called the wrong person. At this time WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE. Oh look no further than the GEORGIA race basement lady. Note: The only way THESE people can get select is by reverse engineering. Or maybe we the people are so ignorant that we need to have a experience machine to tell us who the big fish is, or what does the word is mean.


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