Kari Lake ERUPTS After Voting Machines in Arizona Go Down, Cause “25% Misread”



Why are democrats never concerned when this happens? Could it be because they engineered it, and it serves THEIR interests?

That’s why the democrat lady never bothered to campaign nor debate because she knew she got it in the bag. Dominion would be voting for her.


  1. Who can blame Kari for erupting? There was plenty of fraud in 2020 and everyone knew the dummycrats were going to do it again. 25% mis read shows me the dummycrats must be slowing down. I’d expect a 75% mis read.

  2. Misread my foot! It was planned! That’s why Biden didn’t come out of his basement and Hobbs couldn’t be bothered to campaign or debate Lake.

    • Rae Fredrick I think you hit the nail right on the head! I recall seeing a speech by that “great” socialist leader, Josef Stalin. In his speech he said, “To stay in power we have to lie, steal cheat and kill.” What he said fits right in with what’s being done to this once free country.

  3. Told you!! When Hobbs did not want a debate or even spend any money campaigning. She had this wrapped up in a little neat package already! How can be anyone be proud to know they cheated to get ahead?? Does anyone have morals anymore?

  4. check pennsylvania… and georgia I just cant believe that anyone wouldnt know that this would happen again…i’ll bet the house voting will also be questionable…

  5. Everybody should have known after they got away with it in 2020 that there will never be a fair and honest election again ! Sad and corrupt country we live in !

  6. Arizona, Nevada, Georgia should be penalized, no one in these 3 states should be allowed to vote in 2024!! Radical?? It is the only thing these idiots in America know!!!

  7. All we have to do is look back a few short years and understand what’s being done. Like him or not, Trump worked for US. He secured our border, inflation was something like 1% Welfare was down, employment was up, taxes weren’t all that bad, we could afford to by food and gas, national security was good and national defense was good. There’s much more than Trump did that was right. Personally, I feel he did one mistake. When elected he thought he’d be dealing with honorable people and he was wrong there. We need more in government who’ve lived and worked and competed in the real world. People who speak real English. We definitely do not need the professional politicians with their Beltway BULLSHIT and double talk we now have to put up with.


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