Kamala Struggles To Explain How Water Works



She actually is quite talented. Very few people can say soooo much without ever saying anything at all.

I feel like Kamala’s speechwriter wanted to quit, but instead stayed, and is just sabotaging her.


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  2. DUH… why does he always try to “jog” to the chopper, off the stage, across the lawn? Trying to prove he still has “it?” And Word Salad Kami? OMG… bimbo.. what a joke this jerk is. She would barely be adequate to teach preschool. She is so in love with herself and thinks she is entertaining, she forgot her job… LIKE THE FREAKIN border security. Tweedle -B and Tweedle -H… dumb and dumber… We are so screwed

  3. Just watched Jellyballs Joe give a speech on jobs on FOX, and can someone answer this… Why does this D-bag feel the need to whisper into the microphone???? Is this an off-take of smelling women? Smelling their hair? Storing sht in his garage behind his Vette? He whispered about Pres. Reagan, he whispers about taxes… IS HE NUTS? Why does he whisper? Maybe a habit he developed when covering HUNTER”S ass, or just whispering to the fairies floating around in his head? Its like he is having a secret conversation with all of us, that no one else can hear… What a dumbass!!!!

    • When Biden had brain surgery and they took the top of his head and look in they found Obama all scrunched up in there.

  4. Lol 😂 good one Markey. He’s coocoo for Cocoa Puffs for sure. Speaking of the docs found. Why has that been swept under the rug now??? Nothing has been done about the direct threats to National security and the out right criminal offense committed. Unless we were lied to again by the media. Anyway y’all enjoy your weekend and stay true to yourself and your loved ones😁


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