Kamala Kackles Again: This Time It’s About Something Devastating… Look!


Image from video below…

GOP War Room
– President Joe Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris burst out laughing while talking about droughts, during her remarks on the White House’s global water security plan on 6/1/2022.

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I don’t think i could have a lower approval of this lady.

Cackling like that over something serious is a sign of a personality disorder.

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  1. Joe and Cackles are well on the way of going from disliked to hated don’t know if Americans have felt that strongly since we got rid of George III but it has been an absolute disaster since Biden took office dollar has lost value gas went up .40 cents in 2days Americans are becoming very depressed bombarded day in and day out with bad news thanks to the media …

  2. A little observation:

    When a disciplined approach is expected of Kamala
    But loud cackling substitutes for “press coverage”
    Why doesn’t the second-in command do a mini-haha
    And just sashay briskly off the stage…?

  3. Another sick fxxxin democrat sucking doen on the tax payers hard arned dollars.The democrats keep trying to change the voting system why? because creepy joe said after being elected, it’s not the amount of votes you receive but who counts them and we have been going down hill since the corrupt joe stole the election.WHITE HOUSE STAFF RUNNING FOR THE HILLS AS MIDTERMS GET CLOSER,EVEN THE THREE MONKEYS ARE BEGINNING TO TURN ON EACH OTHER, Jim Biden i’m not the fixer, joe is fxxxing crazy, two point eight million in back taxes owed? fix that, the oversight people in congress will be looking into all that and more, biden family pots of gold made flying around on the tax payer dollarS to do what? Don’t know anything, have not seen anything, don’t know why Hunter keep giving us money.


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