Joy Behar And The View ADMIT Quiet Part Out Loud In SALTY RANT Over DOJ Investigating Joe Biden!



Only the president has authority to declassify documents. The VP does not.

Who are these “Republicans” on the view even voting for? Like who do they support? Liz Cheney? One would think that one of them would at least call out Biden’s extensive history of lying.


  1. By given attention to the stupid people on that stupid show gives them relevance and they know it. Ignore the scum and it will go away.

  2. A President has the right to have and to declassify without any formal actions whatsoever, while a Vise President has no right to have let alone take “Secrete Docs” or Declassify such. In this cae the law dictates must prosecute such actions by former Vice President who is now the President, The actions were not while he was a sitting President.

  3. Months before the raid at Mar a lago the FBI came to the house and saw what was in Trumps home. HE IS THE PRESIDENT and he can take documents and declassify them. In the case of Biden, a vice president is NOT ALLOWED to declassify documents and he took documents related to his son’s dealings with Burisma!! Nothing was ever found at Mar a lago of ANY importance or the Democrats would have hung Trump…. CRICKETS! In the case of Biden, HUGE difference. His son is under investigation and the documents involve Bidens’ involvment.

  4. Those on the view should be ashamed of themselves…I wonder what their parents think of the lies and propaganda spreading they are a party to?????

  5. Three of the most monumentally, stupid, ignorant, self-absorbed, vile, and biased women on earth. Behar, Goldberg, and Hostin. The people that watch and buy into their obscene, uninformed, and biased rantings are pathetic.

  6. This is simple. Biden engaged in espionage taking the documents.

    When biden met with foreign business people (hunters asdociates) in the same location as the docents he engaged in treason.

  7. I am starting to suspect two possible theories here. One: Biden, or more likely Hunter and he, where selling the info on the docs to the CCP and felt putting them back was too risky or the DNC or New World Order clan have had it with Biden and are salting docs around to be used in engineering Bides departure from the White House.


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