Joe Biden Displays ‘Puzzling’ Behavior After Escaping COVID Isolation


US President Joe Biden has displayed “puzzling” behaviour in recent weeks, including a battle with the mute button on a public Zoom call and “mangling” his words during a press conference, says Sky News host Rita Panahi.


I love the reporter in this video, she’s so funny and brutally honest.

God, I never thought I’d be this embarrassed by our government. I am though..and angry.


  1. How far do the democrats think they can run with a idoit in office. I know their not letting Joe do anything. That’s why all the handlers. So they work in his stead using his name. Face it that’s why they used a idoit like Biden in the first place. They can control him through Obama. But we suffer in the mean time. Is the hole government in on the corruption. Sure seems that way. When the Republicans had a chance to fix this they did nothing. We know why the democrats are trying to destroy our way of life. There’s a lot of confused people still falling for the democrats lies. Yall may not like tru,p but he did do alot of good for the people instead of the government and them in control. And he did it for free. Does Biden work for free ??? Did Obama or Clinton ??? They made millons from being in office. Them that try to say Biden is doing a great job are full of sh#t. They have to say that cause their part of the corruption.

    • OH, yeah! I have never met a liberal who wasn’t a lying killer and thief. There is no mere, weeny, useless person who is more important than right and wrong. Stop allowing criminals to get by with their crimes.

  2. Ronald Reagen in his second term wobbled a lot his wife Nancy was pretty much running the Country Joe like Cackles weren’t elected to their job of VP they were appointed Joe was picked by Obama to be his token White a yes man Cackles was picked to keep Joe from being impeached

  3. Biden is not near as puzzled as he had puzzled me about him. Watching all he is doing and has done is confusing for us all.
    One thing for sure, he’s dangerous!

  4. Poopypants senile Joe has always been this way. Look in a dictionary under the word stupid and you’ll find a picture of Biden as an example.

  5. they need the senile old dementia joe there until midterms
    hope they lose big time
    but kamala is the tie breaking vote 50 50
    so damocrats win good bye to everything you own have

  6. A raid to Mr. Trump by the FBI, is similar to the raid done by the communist government to their adversaries. If you have been living under a Communist government then you know that this is their way they operate. Corruption everywhere. From theft to political assassinations.


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