Is This Why We Were All Locked Down?


Image from video below…

Russell Brand – I recently had Matt Stoller on my podcast explaining how US policymakers only noticed covid when stocks went down & how money determines how we think about policy.

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The real reason we locked down boils down to transfering wealth, spreading fear, disrupting supplies, increasing government reliance, maintaining power, decreasing immunity.

We were locked down for the great financial reset – transfer of wealth from small businesses to big corporations

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  1. It’s not Only that it because We The People have FRAUD in our GOVERNMENT , CDC , WHO , NIDH and Idiot’s like China Joe and dr. Anthony Fraudfauci. We The People’s
    Government think We work them in Stead of Them working for Us. The is what is Wrong for AMERICA and the World. O’Biden and his FAKE Administration and Parasite Infested White House.


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