Is the Baby Formula Shortage a Manufactured Crisis?


– Jen Psaki blamed “hoarding” for the baby formula crisis, and we’re still waiting to hear from President Biden.

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JUST A REMINDER TO EVERYONE: we should all be flying our flags, UPSIDE DOWN. It is more appropriate than ever, the US flag code states: “The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life and property.” I’d say we are facing extreme danger to life and property from the baby formula shortage, food shortages, hyperinflation and the invasion.

My sister was crying when I texted her today saying she had to drive 3 hours to buy a single can of baby formula this morning. Knowing the formula is stocked at the border adds further insult to injury. Luckily my niece is probably old enough that goats milk and puréed food would be adequate, but newborns and preemies wouldn’t fair as well. This is a crime!

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  1. Hell ya, it’s a manufactured crisis, when was the last time u ever saw this, that’s right, never, under dementia,puppet,joe, all things happen, for the worse. He is to blame for all this total incompetence.hidenbiden inflation,open border,mass shootings,drugs killing americans from open border,afghan debacle with americans still hostage by taliban,afghan allies hunted down and killed because of hidenbiden. Lawless america under hidenbiden, that is why we need our guns to defend ourselves.

  2. I’ve just got to wonder. I haven’t seen any data regarding which municipalities in which states are seeing the worst of the formula supply shortages. Could they be RED states? Just wondering, since I’m on the “left coast” and my wife said she didn’t see any shortage of baby formula lately.

  3. The abortion issue is to get rid of babies after conception before they are born. The formula shortage will get rid of babies after they are born. Is it possible that they are related issues ?

  4. A solution to the formula shortage is for mothers with children to go to Mexico and come across the Rio Grande river and claim they have been in danger of their life where they were. The Government will then give them all the formula that they need.

  5. In my years hear on this earth I’ve never seen a man (?) Such as Joe Biden. He has committed more crimes against humanity than any other person or groups of people. He should go down in history along with Hitler. If he is allowed to continue there be more shortage. If this is a man who cares about his country then I suggest he do something to help us. Not dealing with the baby formula issue should be attempted murder and he needs to be jailed. I’ve lived and read about people like Biden but never thought I’d live to see it happen in America. God bless us and help us with this man who calls himself our President.


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