Is the Baby Formula Shortage a Manufactured Crisis?


– Jen Psaki blamed “hoarding” for the baby formula crisis, and we’re still waiting to hear from President Biden.

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JUST A REMINDER TO EVERYONE: we should all be flying our flags, UPSIDE DOWN. It is more appropriate than ever, the US flag code states: “The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life and property.” I’d say we are facing extreme danger to life and property from the baby formula shortage, food shortages, hyperinflation and the invasion.

My sister was crying when I texted her today saying she had to drive 3 hours to buy a single can of baby formula this morning. Knowing the formula is stocked at the border adds further insult to injury. Luckily my niece is probably old enough that goats milk and puréed food would be adequate, but newborns and preemies wouldn’t fair as well. This is a crime!

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  1. the baby formula is a deliberate shortage, this is another way for pro abortion criminals to kill innocent children, babies that will starve to death because they cannot live without the formula that the government has denied American babies, babies that were wanted and allowed to be born instead of murdered in the womb, the left has devised another way of getting rid of babies, still say the formula sitting on the border should just disappear with no one knowing how, when or what happened to it

  2. Joke Biden had the baby formula at the border near San Diego for the illegals. He is also giving away purses and phones to the illegals. Guess that is a new way of buying the votes that is needed because the Dems know they cannot cheat again tampering with the voting machines.


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