INTERESTING: Why Leftists Don’t Like Facts…



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Ben Shapiro – Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro discuss why leftists do everything they possibly can to avoid facts.

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What I love about JP is rather than just pointing out problems, he offers potential solutions

Dr.Peterson is a hero that is not content just being a hero. He wants to help others discover that they can be hero’s as well. I can’t possibly imagine anything more noble than that aim.

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  1. Democrats are indoctrinated into believing the socialist/communist doctrine in the government indoctrination centers, a.k.a. as schools. for most of their lives. So when they are confronted with the truth and it is contrary to what they have been trained and taught to believe is the truth, they are offended. Nobody is going to accept the truth if it is contrary to what they have been taught to believe over many decades. The problem begins in the federal Carnage Indoctrination Centers, a.k.a.schools, and until they are replaced by patriotic love of God and country schools, the transition of our country from a republic to a socialistic government will continue.

  2. That dimwit on the picture of this article , is one of the hold out the hand to be blessed with demo-communist freebies and she just found out , she will still have to work for some of it, where do the IDIOTS learn that every thing is FREE ???? by standing in line, ??? her parents and some teachers did her no favors. They SCREWED her over .


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