I Never Realized Just How Stupid Kamala Harris Is



Candace dropping truth syrup on Kamala will never get tiring.

Candace is like 1000 times smarter than I am and I knew Kamala was stupid. I feel pretty good about myself right now.


  1. Harris was chosen because of her complete lack of morals and scruples not for her intelligence she was picked by Obama not by Biden who didn’t want her but she made Biden impeachment proof

  2. Yep! I would equate her – IQ to that of a horny house fly. She is probably doing the beast with 2 backs with adam schitt , chuckie poo F U shumer and any male she can seduce to get in bed with her. I would put her into the category of dumb sluts or a d. c.whore. And zombie pooplosi makes frequent trips to Fisherman’s wharf to have sex with seals that are sunning themselves on the socks during trips to californication. What else would even get close to an infected zombie. In It’s younger years more than likely it roamed the earth with dinosaurs.


  3. I really never thought of this but it makes sense. Whoever is making all the decisions, wanted Biden as President as they control him completely. AND by putting Kamala Harris in as VP. No one will impeach Biden because that makes Kamala VP. OMG

  4. Folks , you are forgetting, Harris isn’t constitutional eligible to be President, she is an anchor baby, born here and raised in Canada, if both are removed, which isnt going to happen because the democrat senators are in lock step , they all vote as a unit, if they did change course and remove them, whomever is Speaker of the house will be sworn in as President.People voting for the clueless two and along with fetterman, proves to me , what ole nancy, the crooked evil one, said a while back, as long as there is a d by the name of a canditate, we would elect a glass of water.


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