GOODBYE! MSNBC FIRES 2nd Place Race Baiter Seconds After SICK Remarks- Liberals STUNNED!



Reid can walk out in solidarity and nobody would miss her racism.

Can’t wait until Joy Reid gets her pink slip. I am sick of the race baiting and that’s all Joy can talk about.


  1. Race baiters finally are getting their dues. Now it’s to oust Joy Reid, another major race baiter. Watch as this bimbo will try and sue MSNBC. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  2. It seems to me that the race thing has gone entirely too far. I have no control over my skin color. A black person has no control over his or her skin color. Having written that, it’s come to the point that the blacks are the true racists. And I’d personally like to know what happened to all the white people on TV that practically overnight have been replaced with blacks. Speaking for myself, I believe in equality. That means when taking a new job one starts at the bottom and works his/her way up by learning more about the job. It definitely does not mean starting any person with little or no experience at the head of the line. Like others, I’ve helped black guys on the job who wanted to better themselves and gain seniority.

    • This happened early this year. White people vanished almost overnight in commercials. It is said that blacks account for about 50% of the people seen in commercials. I tend to disagree: try 80-85%. White males, especially younger ones, account for only 4%. Why did this happen? Because companies want to be “proactive”, meaning they want to prevent any possible harassment from outfits like Black Lives Matter. They figure if they just load up their ads with black actors, everything will be all well and good. Blacks represent 14% of the population, whites close to 60%. I have to wonder how well this is working out.

      • Very well said. You made some good points. Back in the ’50s Blacks wanted equality and they should have it. They got equality and now want more. Much more.

  3. Wow, a black chick getting the gate? What’s this world coming to when a liberal network has the stones to fire one of them? Now let’s go after the Big Fish, Joy Reid!

    • Only so-called liberals can fire a black. Let a conservative try it and he’ll end up in a kangaroo court trying to defend himself.

  4. She will run for Congress, get huge Democrat support and mostly likely win by hook or by crook. She would make a great replacement for Stacey Abrams.


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